Tome.gg Library

Transfer learning from games for mid to senior level software engineers.
Learn in games, apply it in life. Win at both.
The Tome.gg Library writes and maintains records of things you can learn in games and apply in the professional environment of mid- to senior-level software engineers.

What games do you learn from?

We currently only have DotA 2 by Tome.gg, where we talk about gaming concepts in real-time strategy games like DotA 2 and applying them in professional software development.

I don't know what to read first. Can I get a mentor?

As a coaching and mentoring platform, Tome.gg provides a mentor pool for you to meet and collaborate with. To meet our mentors, sign up for the newsletter below.
Check out our app, Tome.gg. There, we build tooling to support the interaction and engagement between mentors and apprentices.


The Tome.gg coaching and mentoring platform is led by Darren, in collaboration with The Gaming Classroom.
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