Transfer learning for mid to senior level software engineers.

The Library is a content library and resource network of experiences, challenges, and lessons that helps advance the growth of mid- to senior-level software engineers collected from stories, books, articles, games, and various media sources.

The library collects these resources to advance the literacy of software engineers by providing these resources within reach for mid to senior level software engineers, enabling them to advance in their desired areas of growth.

This library is one of two resources made available for free by, specifically advancing the literacy of software engineers and technologists through extensive reading materials.

You are seconds away from the process of acquiring your tome of knowledge- a legendary item that is uniquely attuned for your growth and objectives. The daily use, let mere creation of such an item, will exponentially compound your advancement.

We will show you how to create this Tome of Knowledge. For free.

"Reading maketh a full man, writing an exact man, and discourse a ready man." - Francis Bacon

To craft your legendary tome of knowledge in the real world, reading is the first step. It is to immerse yourself in the stories most relevant to you, develop your curiosity, and to follow the breadcrumbs of learning.

🚀 Get started with reading

1. All these resources! But where do I start?

We highly recommend that you head to Onboarding to get an overview on the recommended mindsets and framing as you browse through the resources and prepare yourself to learn.

2. But I'm not a mid or senior level software engineer!

Okay, but do you want to become a senior level software engineer?

Then maybe you should start by permitting yourself to dream of becoming a senior level software engineer. Then you start thinking, doing, and acting like a senior software engineer.

3. No, but really, I don't want to be a senior level software engineer. I just want to get a little better at tech and programming.

If not software engineer specifically, maybe you want to become someone who is extremely competent and confident in the skills that they have honed. A master craftsman in their art.

Let's just pause here. You're in a website. You have control over your PC or laptop. You can walk away or close this tab right now if you want to. You have full control over the brakes, the acceleration, and the direction of your professional growth.

If you don't want to be a software engineer, then don't be. Just pursue competence and confidence in the craft you choose. But be wary: you need to be very specific about defining your goal otherwise it will be unattainable.

Think: How can you successfully shoot a basketball when the basketball ring isn't visible, or isn't accurately defined, or the basketball ring is smaller than the ball? Defining this goal for yourself precisely requires a deep level of literacy and articulation.

4. Are you calling me illiterate?

Rate yourself truthfully and honestly between 1-10 on how well you read and write. Now do the same for argumentation and persuasion. Consider globally other master authors, master orators, and master learners. Don't tell anyone your score.

Hold on to those two numbers and assess how much potential and growth you have left before you achieve mastery.

Be honest. Otherwise, you will lose the opportunity to access that potential and growth. Whatever it is that prevents you from seeing yourself achieving greater things, whether it is pride, ego, fear, anxiety... Dispel the fog of your potential with the truth: your truthful assessment, or the truthful assessment of your trusted friends.

If you are a 10, congratulations. Join our team and help us accelerate the literacy for everyone following your footsteps in mastering literacy.

If you are not a 10, congratulations. You have discovered your potential. Let us begin actualizing it.

5. I'm not entirely sure yet, maybe I should just wait it out.

Change that brings you closer to your goals and achievement, no matter how small, are always within your reach.

If you are not yet clear yet on what those goals are and what victory means for you, maybe the goal is clarity, certainty, and understanding of oneself. Either way, you have the freedom to choose how important and urgent it is to invest in this professional and personal goal, to achieve what you want.

  • If you want clarity on your direction and support for your goals, we highly recommend you get guidance through's Discovery and Directions Deep Dive mentoring session.

  • If you feel like a newbie who wants to discover and explore your options as you enter the tech world, go straight ahead to Overview and immerse yourself in stories.

  • If you feel troubled or held back by barriers, and you want to see how challenges and problems might be better articulated as a definite problem to be solved, go straight ahead to Problems.

You might be feeling hesitant, overwhelmed, intimidated, and constrained by your availability on time, energy, attention, or other resources. This is a natural part of the process of growth.

The question is, do you know when those criteria change or have you been dawdling all this time?

✍️ Get started with writing

If you feel like you've absorbed and read quite a few things already and want actionable tips on how to move forward and grow, you might be ready to begin crafting your personal Tome of Knowledge (see: Stage 3, Training).

If that is the case, go straight to Protocols where we highlight the best practices in learning and growth for mid- to senior-level software engineers.

🤔 Accelerate with mentorship

Have you been in Stage 3 Training for quite some time now and it's been getting more and more difficult because you feel lost and you lack the support and feedback from a community or a teacher?

It might be the right time to consider coaching and mentoring to help you advance. Why not take the time to ask: Is coaching and mentoring for me?

Information is led by Darren in collaboration with The Gaming Classroom.

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