What is Tome.gg?
The modern day tome of knowledge, for gamers and Netflix bingers alike.
Tome.gg enables you to absorb what you learn in games and apply it in your personal or professional life.
Learn principles and concepts from games, apply it in your personal life.
Tome.gg is a platform to learn principles from content you already love!
  • Games
  • Anime and Manga
  • TV Series
  • Movies and Theater
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You want to understand economic theories like opportunity cost and supply and demand? You already experience it when you're playing ranked games in DotA 2, fighting over gold and experience.
You want to study psychology and comprehend human behavior when people are put in extremely dire situations? Why not have a video playlist of concepts breaking down what id, ego, and super ego is at play from maybe Attack on Titan or Crash Landing on You?
Tome.gg lets you leverage the knowledge you already have on the content you already spend time on, and transforms that untapped raw experiences into actionable skill books and training grounds.

In more technical terms

Tome.gg (or Tome) is a cross-media, educational platform that specializes in transfer learning from games and pop culture, transferred to your professional and personal growth.
The app is designed to improve people's recognition of the concepts (e.g. how does the concept of Timing make sense in chess, DotA 2, Valorant, or Eldenring?), and recognizing the concepts when they are at play (the videos act as examples).
  • cross-media - This will work for YouTube videos or shorts, Twitch clips, Instagram reels or videos, TikTok clips.
  • educational platform - Learning can be engaging and fun. We're all here to learn.
  • transfer learning - You already work so hard to get your MMR or ranks in your competitive games. You might as well get something out of it for your personal life.

Getting Started

For now, tome.gg is starting out small and is led by Darren.
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