Contributing Guidelines

There are a couple of different projects going on at Here's a few that you can participate in.

Learn in Public

A big way that you can contribute to is by utilizing the tools of the platform and giving us feedback! In that regard you prioritize your growth and learning, while giving us feedback that will help us build our platform!

Awesome List of Mentors and Apprentices

A curated list of mentors and apprentices from media, history, anime, movies, and pop culture.

This repository aims to showcase inspiring examples of mentorship and learning relationships across various domains.

Join community events

We host group coaching/mentoring for software engineers every other week!

Join our discord channel to get access to the community!

Explore an internship with

There are lots of different kinds of work that our team at do that you can learn about. Reach out to us on our Discord channel to inquire more about internships!

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