Is coaching and mentoring for me?

Qualifiers for apprenticeship

Apprentice criteria

  • Empty the cup. Humble and ready yourself to learn by opening yourself to correction.

  • Commit your resources. This means protect your time for your sleep, your rest, your eating, your play, your socialization.

  • Protect your boundaries. By protecting your rest time, you enable yourself have deep focus on work.

  • Develop your curiosity. If you don't know what you are looking for, then learn to be curious and be at awe at new things. Otherwise, you might not realize what's in front of you already, which might be part of tomorrow's desires.

  • Do the legwork. Read the resource materials recommended for you. Skim as necessary, but also do deep reads when needed.

  • Define the dream. Direction is always yours. You get to decide what you want and where you are going in your life.

  • Ask for help. When you don't know, ask. Sometimes your goals and directions isn't clear, and you need help with painting and illustrating it more clearly. We can bring the paint and brushes, but it is up to you to do the brushstrokes.


  • Growth anti-patterns. Be careful about bad habits that can slow your growth down. As you climb a mountain, bring sandwiches not stones.

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