What is is a coaching and mentoring platform for mid- to senior-level software engineers.

We help software engineers:

  1. develop their communication skills, thus increasing one's clarity with their thoughts and clarity when communicating with others;

  2. adopt best practices in growth and learning that many S-tier engineers rigorously practice;

  3. guide you in navigating different professional contexts or situations such as work conflicts, disagreements, performance reviews, and salary negotiations.

Library, Protocols, and Mentorship? What's the difference?

Three parts.

  1. We provide free learning materials in the form of the Library, where we talk about stories, problems, and lessons in software engineering.

  2. We provide free learning materials in the form of the Protocols, where we give reflection questions and actionable recommendations to assist you in learning technology, especially for software engineers.

  3. For our apprentices who want to achieve their potential in a faster paced environment with feedback, guidance, and direction, we provide highly-personalized coaching and mentoring services for mid- to senior-level software engineers. We help them discover where they are in their growth, and help them define and pursue their goals and objectives.

Who can benefit from is not exclusive to mid- to senior-level software engineers!

We publicly write about our best practices as seen in our Protocols, but we have a set of criteria for apprenticeships that we take in. We discuss the apprenticeship criteria below, under Getting Started.

What we try to develop in is the senior-level mindset even with our different kinds of apprentices from fresh grads, junior engineers, mid-level engineers, ambitious developers, new team leads, engineering heads, career shifters and more!

Features of provides a variety of different tooling on the platform to support your personalized growth.

  1. Growth Journal - This is your legendary tome of knowledge. When you onboard as an apprentice in, we guide you on how to use our learning protocols to write and document about your growth so that you can leverage it as an asset either in a job opportunity, building connections, evidence and reputation for your growth and consistency, and more.

  2. Mentorship - We have a set of different-tiered mentors on the platform who can advise on your learning and growth. We don't always recommend a specialist, as sometimes a general coach might be more suitable.

  3. Map - We collect various resource materials online and put them together into a dynamic, adaptive map that apprentices use. This map is part of your Tome of Knoweldge, adapting and changing as your career progresses, thus providing contextually relevant resource materials to apprentices as they continue to grow with the platform.

  4. Community events - We host community events where we do activities such as role-play interactive case studies in studying situations in professional settings, or play games and share learnings from them.

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