Receiving Feedback on Performance Reviews

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  • A Performance Review issue arises when, during a review, a manager criticizes an engineer's work without providing specific examples or constructive feedback.

  • This lack of effective feedback makes it hard for the engineer to understand what they did wrong or how to improve, leading to frustration, confusion, and potential impacts on job satisfaction and performance.


  • Seek Clarification: Request specific examples and more detailed feedback to gain a clearer understanding of the criticism.

  • Constructive Dialogue: Encourage a two-way conversation during the review. Discuss your achievements, challenges, and where you see room for improvement.

  • Self-Evaluation: Regularly self-evaluate and document your work performance. This can provide a basis for discussion during the review.

  • Feedback Training: If this is a recurring issue, propose feedback training for managers to help them provide more effective, constructive reviews.

Effective Use

A software engineer successfully navigates a Performance Review issue by seeking clarification and specifics on any criticisms received. They ensure the dialogue is two-way, discussing their self-perceived performance alongside the manager's feedback. If the problem is systemic, they might suggest feedback training sessions for the managerial staff.


Dismissing the feedback outright or responding defensively can escalate tensions and harm the professional relationship with the manager. Similarly, not seeking clarification or failing to engage in the review process constructively can prolong the issue.


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