Conflicting Coding Practices

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  • Conflicting Coding Practices occur when a team member consistently ignores coding standards and best practices.

  • This leads to code that is less readable, maintainable, and consistent, which can hinder productivity, increase technical debt, and create conflicts within the development team.


  • Establish Coding Standards: If not already in place, establish a coding standard guide for your team that outlines the practices everyone should follow.

  • Code Reviews: Use code reviews to identify divergences from established practices and give feedback on how to align with them.

  • Pair Programming: Spend time pair programming to better align coding practices within the team.

  • Training and Mentoring: Offer additional training or mentoring to those struggling with adopting the standards.

  • Automated Tools: Utilize automated formatting and linting tools to enforce consistency.

Effective use

A software engineer successfully resolves Conflicting Coding Practices by introducing a coding standard guide, encouraging adherence through code reviews and pair programming. They offer additional training or mentoring to those having difficulty with the standards. They also leverage automated tools to enforce code consistency and align the team on best practices.


Ignoring the issue and allowing inconsistent coding practices to persist will lead to increased technical debt and team discord. Criticizing or blaming individuals without providing support and guidance is also an ineffective approach.


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